Forever Tango (Broadway)
Forever Tango



Rose Caiola,
“Laura Heller’s knowledge, strength and honesty gave me confidence as a first time producer of an Equity show in New York City. I learned a great deal through working with her, and found her instincts and negotiating skills to be right on target for the needs of the production. Whether you are a seasoned producer or a novice in the field, I highly recommended Laura Heller for her extensive experience, passion and commitment to any production or employer she is working for.”

Jeffrey Richards,
“In my experience with her, Ms. Heller has continually proven her value to myself and the productions we have both been involved with.  As an active participant in everything from advertising and marketing meetings to her ensuring that even the most inconspicuous minutiae has been accounted for, I can undoubtedly attest that Ms. Heller has been an asset…time and time again.”

Charlie Schulman
Playwright/Theater Producer
“Laura Heller guided our Managing Partnership team “The Schulberts” through our first Off-Broadway production. She was always accessible, helpful and reliable. Laura was completely trustworthy, patient under pressure and provided us with a soup to nuts experience that gave us a comprehensive introduction to producing commercial theater. She was great with handling the budget for our show, navigating personnel issues, helping us work with Equity and many other totally unexpected occurrences that happen during the course of a production. She even helped direct us toward additional investment when we needed it most. Her recommendations always had our best interests at heart and we are in the process of hiring her again for our second production. Laura Heller is the consummate professional and a good person. She never let us down.”

Wendy Federman,
“Laura is a superb theatrical general manager with tremendous attention to detail and a warm and winning personality to match. She will watch the show’s money as if it were her own.  I look forward to working with her again.”

Bob Reich,
“I have had the pleasure of being associated with Laura Heller and find her to be an extremely dedicated and conscientious individual who works well with those around her, and has the ability to meet deadlines and assess situations which are vital to the interests of the projects she is involved with. In her work as a General Manager of theatrical productions, Laura has the knowledge necessary to ensure that every aspect of a project is carefully reviewed, and structured to meet the financial goals set forth by the producing team. Her wisdom and insight on several projects I’ve been associated with has been invaluable. She is entrusted to make difficult and timely decisions, which have an immediate impact on the success of the project. I would highly recommend Laura, and look forward to working with her in the future.”