The Joys of Sex (Off-Broadway)


General Management services for Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tours, Workshops, Readings and Sit-Down Companies.

Prepare the Production Budget, Weekly Operating Budget and Recoupment Projection, as per the Producer’s input.
Help create a sensible Business Plan.
Responsible for keeping the production and running expenses on budget.
Negotiate and write Contracts at the Producer’s direction, in coordination with the show’s Attorney.
Negotiate with Unions.
Recommend and oversee the hiring of personnel.
Advise on ways to attract Associate Producers and Investors.
Assist with putting on Stage Readings, Backers Auditions and Workshops.
Help select, book and negotiate an appropriate Theater or Venue.
Oversee the paying of bills and taxes.
Supervise the acquiring of necessary Insurance policies.
Supervise and set policy for the Box Office and ticket sales.
Supervise the Production Accountant in the preparation of a weekly operating statement using QuickBooks.
Advise on the promotional activities of the Production.
Advise on TONY strategies.
Provide excellent moral support for the Producer and shrewd financial advice for the Production.